The 5A's Framework

The framework presented in this ebook will help you ensure that training (as well as other learning interventions in your organization) has the intended short-term and long-term impact. The 5As Framework is the basis for sustainable learning and change.

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Product Overview

As a manager, you spend money on training and your employees spend valuable time being trained, but you’re often not seeing optimal business results from this investment. Research shows that very few employees are able to apply what they learn in training to achieve measurable business impact.The 5A's Framework is a simple yet powerful model to help you, as a manager, ensure that the investment you’re making in time and money to train your employees is directly linked to achieving your business goals and strategies: The 5A's Framework is artfully designed and includes easy to follow resource guides containing questions, checklists and activities you can use to help your employees become more effective contributors.

Type Of Product

The 5As Framework is a model for bringing about individual performance improvement. The basic principles in the model could also be applied to teams and whole organizations.

Who Should Use This Tool?

This model should be used by any manager of people, but especially those managers who are responsible for the learning and performance improvement of their direct reports.

When And How Should You Use This Tool?

The 5As Framework should be used whenever employees need to acquire new knowledge, skills, and abilities. The Framework is an overlay on that process to make it more likely that people will learn and will apply that learning to their work in their organizations.

What Is The Focus Of This Tool?

The focus of this ebook is on making training and other learning interventions more effective in organizations.

Product Features

Product Materials

The ebook contains a chapter on each of the five principles: 1) alignment; 2) anticipation; 3) alliance; 4) application; and 5) accountability. Each of these chapters contains a tool that can be used to apply that principle.

Length Of Time To Administer

It will take an individual between 10 and 20 minutes to read the materials and complete the assessment. A team meeting to discuss the scenario, communication principles, and ratings could take up to 90 minutes. If the exercise is expanded to the entire organization, discussion and reporting out in small groups could take much longer, maybe two to four hours.

Product Benefits

Using this tool will result in:

• More learning, and positive long-term results for organizations.
• Better use of organizational resources
• More engagement of managers in the development of their direct reports
• More learning
• Increased performance improvement
• Positive long-term results for organizations.

The 5A's Framework

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